Tuesday, 7 April 2009

LOST review: "Whatever Happened, Happened"


After last weeks thrilling, unexpected conclusion the writers of Lost had a mammoth task on their hand explaining young Ben's apparent death at the hands of Sayid. Sadly the result is one of Lost's weaker episodes, although obviously still a cut above everything else on TV. The episode is Kate centric, and focuses on her attempts to heal Ben in the 70's, cutting back to her time off island and the ultimate fate of baby Aaron. As soon as I realised it was a Kate episode I groaned - she is easily the most unlikeable character on the show for me, and frustratingly also has one of the highest episode counts. Surely the enigmatic Richard Alpert or even Ben deserve episodes more than her? Most of the episode is filler - Kate meeting Cassidy and Miles' chats to Hurley about the nature of time were both nice moments, but ultimately the episode could have done without them. The saving grace for the episode was easily Sawyer, Josh Holloway is on top form as always and steals every scene he is in, in contrast with the ever dull and annoying Jack. The ending also felt like a cop out, and lazy writing, with Ben's not recognising Sayid in the future being explained away by Richard as him losing him memories. Very conveniant. Ultimately however, this is still excellent stuff, just not as good as I know LOST can be. I'm hoping that it can kick into high gear once again in time for the finale of series five.


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