Thursday, 9 February 2012

Review: Batman And Robin #6

Batman And Robin #6 By Tomasi / Gleason

The cover of this weeks issue of Batman and Robin seems to suggest a confrontation between the father and son duo, the tagline reading 'DARK KNIGHT BATTLES DEMON SEED!'. In truth, the Dark Knight does not battle anyone in this issue - at least not in the present day - and those hoping for a confrontation between Bruce Wayne and his son may be left disappointed after the issue's shock revelations.

Shock is a far that is horribly overused by the PR departments of both Marvel and D.C, but this issue did carry genuine surprises, refreshingly free of the overblown and unwanted hype that often seems to accompany them. Damian rejecting his father and turning against Batman was an outcome that while relatively interesting, seemed fairly tired and predictable. Although his presence, once again at Batman's side is hardly a twist, the manner in which it has come about has gone some way towards reinforcing his character.

Once again, this issue is padded out with flashbacks, but unlike last month they feel a little cumbersome and unwelcome. Perhaps it because the core storyline is beginning to gather momentum - either way, while well told and engaging enough, their completion was welcome. What the flashbacks do achieve, is fleshing out the relationship between Morgan Ducard and Bruce Wayne. A character that began as an almost irritatingly enigmatic presence, is become steadily more welcome with each passing issue.

Patrick Gleason's artwork is still a good fit for the series, but appears to have a little of its punch between issues. Gleason's work is still polished to perfect, and at times brilliantly atmospheric, but appears slightly softer tinged than necessary on a dark, brooding Batman series.

As with the series as a whole, Batman And Robin #6 is an uneven read. At times excellent, yet equally frustrating, this issue at least carries a pay off that makes some of the more flat moments worth it.


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