Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Review: Avengers Vs X-Men - Round 7

Avengers Vs X-Men - Round 7 By Aaron / Bendis / Brubaker / Fraction / Hickman / Coipel

'No More Avengers' - not quite the game changing statement of intent that it was clearly intended to be, but Cyclops' proclamation at the end of the previous issue certainly upped the ante to a considerable degree. Those expecting a similarly aggressive seventh issue are likely to left disappointed however - despite no shortage of action and bloodshed, this is a relatively tame issue as far as genuine shock and intrigue go.

This is certainly a series that has lived up to its rather confrontational title, and this issue carries on gamely. Fraction's script does feature its fair share of conversation inbetween the riotous action, but it feels a little as though it is merely filling the space before fight scenes that are beginning to feel inevitable. To his credit though, Fraction does manage to fit in a good amount of characterisation into his script, some of it fairly subtle. Cyclops has been the stand out character so far, and continues to straddle a fine line between strangely likeable anti hero and reprehensible arch-villain. It is to the writers credit that they have managed to portray him in such a nuanced way, and transform one of the Marvel Universe's most iconic heroes into arguably its most memorable antagonist in recent years.

Indeed, at this stage the mutant side of the battle are emerging as a far more interesting group of characters. The Avengers are all characterised well enough here - and Black Panther's mid issue outburst was certainly a surprise - but they do not excite in the same way, and there is little to suggest that they will be as affected by the events of this series as the mutants will. Many of the ideas being introduced seem a little half baked, and are not being given the attention that they probably merit.

Another competent issue, but a predictably disjointed one. Fraction's script is decent but his pacing feels strange, and he struggles to create any sense of intrigue or interest in the Avengers role in the story. Cyclops is still stealing the show, but few other characters are shining, and despite brief hints to the contrary it seems that the majority of development will be occuring in the series' many tie ins. A shame, as the premise of the plot is still sound and deserves more than the skeletal story that we appear to be getting.



  1. It'll be interesting to see what comes out of AVX, like Uncanny X-Men and other titles.


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